Stubborn fat can be frustrating to deal with. Nonsurgical fat reduction methods make getting rid of that stubborn fat easier. At Parker Wellness Centers in Plano, we understand the frustrations that come with stubborn fat and offer patients nonsurgical methods for getting rid of it. That’s why we provide UltraSlim® services to set you free from that stubborn fat.

How does UltraSlim® Work?

UltraSlim® stimulated lipolysis is the process where a special patented type of red light passes through the skin tissue and into adipose tissue to stimulate the fat cells. The fat cells receive the signal as a sign of starvation or an otherwise necessary energy release. This causes pores in the cell membrane to open and release the fat, then it is removed through your waste and lymphatic system.

What UltraSlim® Treatments Do You Use?


The WaistBuster is a revolutionary non-surgical liposuction alternative that slims the waist, hips, thighs, and buttocks with no downtime. The WaistBuster achieves immediate fat loss with no exercise, dieting, surgery, or drugs. Patients lose on average 3.5 inches and 1.6 liters of fat during a 32-minute treatment. Your individualized care plan will include the number of treatment sessions to achieve your goals.

Cellulite Treatment

The UltraSlim® cellulite treatment visibly reduces the appearance of cellulite. Each treatment lasts about 20 minutes per area, as the light reduces visible cellulite producing results that dieting and exercise cannot achieve. UltraSlim® drains the fat from the cellulite leaving the skin smooth and vibrant. Potential zones include back of thigh, front of thigh, the buttocks, or the lower abdomen.

Non-Invasive Facelift

With the non-invasive facelift treatment, take 10 – 15 years off your face in only two weeks! UltraSlim® significantly improves your skin and neckline. Maintain your youthful appearance with monthly touch-ups.

Why Parker Wellness Centers?

At Parker Wellness Centers, the needs of our patients comes first. We’ll help you get rid of your stubborn fat and get back to feeling your best. Our team is highly skilled and provides high quality, innovative healthcare to our community. If you’re ready to get rid of that fat that won’t go away, schedule your appointment with Parker Wellness Centers today.