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“Best decision I could have made!”

My name is Jocelyn and I suffered from chronic headaches and migraines 1-2 times per week. I began experiencing excruciating pain in my upper back and shoulders to the point where I was not able to look left and right.  I was prescribed a medley of medications to help with these in an attempt to at least have some sort of normalcy in life by my neurologist. I was receiving massages monthly, sometimes twice a month, to no avail. I had simply succumbed to the fact that I was going to struggle with these ailments during my life. I was referred to Dr. Shepherd by a friend of mine. I was one of your typical skeptics of chiropractic. I did a lot of searching on the internet and quite a bit of research. I finally decided to take the plunge and have a consultation with him. That was the best decision I could have made.

The initial consultation was thorough and Dr. Shepherd worked with me to get to the bottom of my pain. I filled out the paperwork that touched on every topic regarding my pain and symptoms. We went over every symptom and he was happy to spend as much time as he needed with me. He suggested that I make personal changes (ones that I knew I needed to make, I just needed someone else to say it to me) prior to starting any adjustments. He was concerned for Adrenal Fatigue and asked me to complete a packet and gave me some supplements to take at home. I took my x-rays and went on my way. I came back after he had time to review my x-rays and was shocked at the results. He showed me the films and went over every detail of my treatment plan. He explained what exactly was going on in my spine and why I was experiencing the pain and symptoms currently. Again, he was incredibly thorough during the consultation and was happy to answer any questions.

I began my treatments and noticed a difference after my second adjustment. The treatments are quick and painless. Dr. Shepherd is happy to answer any question about the adjustment process. If you’re uncomfortable with anything or simply just curious, ask away! My symptoms changed to having a migraine maybe once every other week, a drastic change for me, and maybe only a few days with a headache. I began slowly changing personal habits such as drinking more water and changing some sleeping habits. Luckily, my insurance covers the majority of the adjustments. However, Dr. Shepherd is known to be affordable and will make a treatment plan to work with your budget.

I am over a month out in my treatment and I feel like a new person. Hardly any headaches or migraines and I can move my head now without any pain! I sleep like a baby (I purchased the pillow he has in his office) and wake up refreshed. Others have noticed a difference as well. They notice that I’m not in constant pain and have even mentioned that my skin looks better. He gives education at every visit about lifestyle changes and simply to explain what is going on in your body.

Overall, Dr. Shepherd has changed my life positively. His adjustments are comfortable and he is incredibly kind. It is obvious that he cares deeply about his practice and his patients. I have told multiple people about his services when asked and will gladly refer to him, without a doubt. If you were a skeptic like I was, I would highly suggest simply going in for a consultation just to see what it is all about. It is worth your time. There is no turning back for me and I will continue to use his services. It is also worth mentioning that Nicole the receptionist is incredibly kind and always knows your name when you walk in. The office is clean and the visits are quick, but thorough. Their schedule is also flexible and they understand that life happens and are happy to reschedule.


“Words cannot express how great full I am!”

My name is Janene. I’m also a Navy Veteran of 26 years. I was on board a ship, fell and herniated 4 disks in my lower back as well as 2 in the neck. Medical on the ship gave me motrin. That wasn’t enough. I have been through every medicine out there and some 10 different times. Needless to say that I had enough. I finally got a Veteran Dr to let me try going outside of the VA for help. That’s when I was connected with Dr. Shepherd. After going through the process of getting checked into the system, I began the treatments. I will have to say that I have not had any of my VA meds since having my back adjusted only 4 months ago. Words cannot express how great full I am of getting off all that junk. I really appreciate it and I would recommend getting checked out. The staff is also incredible. Thanks again to Dr Shepherd.


“I am thrilled to report that I have very little pain, sleep like a baby and I am feeling younger!”

On June 18, 2012, I was in so much physical pain that I could barely move. Severe nerve pain in my right hip area as well as my lower back and neck had me in tears. l could barely get up from a seated position and sleep was almost impossible because the pain in my body. Every area of my life was affected both mentally, physically and emotionally. I felt very old and worn.

I had heard about Dr. Andrew Shepherd on a radio show that I often listen to. While it was an hour’s drive from my home, I decided to make an appointment. I’ve received treatments from a couple of good chiropractors in the DFW area in the past; however, this time was different. I knew that my body was in need of major repair.

Í researched Dr. Shepherd’s bio and learned more about his methods of treatment and his belief system regarding the body’s ability to heal as God designed it. Rather than going the “traditional” route of drugs, drugs, and more drugs which only numb and disguise the pain, I chose to give Dr. Shepherd a try to get at the root cause of my problems.

After a dozen treatments, I am thrilled to report that I have very little pain, sleep like a baby and I am feeling younger every day both mentally and physically. Thank you, Dr. Shepherd.

– Nancy Boren

“I was back to 100% myself!”

One day I was home when I fell down the stairs and heard a pop sound. I felt fine so I didn’t seek help. The next day I was having a hard time getting out of bed. I could barely get out of bed because the pain was so great. I was recommended to Dr. Shepherd by a friend and went to see him immediately. As soon as I got there, I knew I made the right choice. They took me right to the back and checked me out. Their attention to detail and care was amazing. Within a few days, I was almost back to normal and by the 12th day, I was back to 100% myself. I’m so happy I found you!
– Barbra J.

“Dr. Shepherd is a lifesaver!”

This place is amazing, I love it! Dr. Shepherd is a lifesaver. Dr. Shepherd took my husband on as a patient after years of suffering from lower back and leg pain. He is the first chiropractor he has seen and will never look anywhere else. I have also decided to seek care from Dr. Shepherd after seeing the amazing results on my husband. And I am so happy that I did! His knowledge of the body is amazing and really helped me understand why I’m feeling the pain that I feeling and how to better take care of myself. I will never look at another chiropractor. Thank you Dr. Shepherd!

– Joyce M.


Getting chiropractic care has enabled me to LIVE PAIN-FREE! It has made such a difference in my life. Dr. Shepherd really knows how to recognize and relieve problem areas.

– Judy

“I am no longer a skeptic!”

I used to be a skeptic about chiropractors even after a friend recommended Dr. Shepherd, but I decided to give it a try. I used to have lower back pains frequently. I noticed that after a couple of weeks after treatment, the pain was gone and I haven’t had a problem since. It is a pleasure to see Dr. Shepherd especially after a very stressful, busy day. The atmosphere in his office is so pleasant and relaxing. You can feel your stress level come down as soon as you walk into the office. I am no longer a skeptic! I believe chiropractic care is an excellent alternative to keep you healthy without medications AND THAT IS GREAT!

– Judy Molina

“Dr. Shepherd’s explanation made me realize!”

Three months ago I heard Dr. Shepherd on the radio talking about the importance of spinal alignment and how when nerves are blocked by misalignment there are many negative effects on body systems and organs. I have had trouble with stiffness and pain in my neck as long as I can remember, but I never connected my neck problems with anything other than the discomfort which I learned to ignore most of the time. Dr. Shepherd’s explanation made me realize that the misalignment of my neck is setting me up for many other potential health problems as I get older.When I started my treatment, I was expecting to be able to move my neck more freely and without as much pain. What I have gotten has been much more than that. I have experienced a marked improvement in my sleep which has been a serious problem. I have not slept without prescriptions drugs since 1998 and for the last four years I have required two different medications or I could not sleep. I am now taking ½ of one pill and plan to stop taking that one altogether within the next few weeks. I have experienced an improvement in my elimination system. I have never had regular bowel movements, but thought that was “normal” for me. I know it’s not healthy and feel much better with daily elimination. I have also lost those little belly pounds that have just hung on for years. That feels great!As for my neck, I can now turn my head before I back up my car (instead of my whole body) and look out both windows while sitting straight ahead. I have also felt a heaviness lift off my shoulders that I didn’t realize was there. My thinking is clearer and I don’t feel stressed like before. I didn’t realize how much I was distracted by the pain and stiffness in my neck until it improved.My attitude on health has changed. While I am part of the “health care system”, I see that we are not dispensing health, but sickness through pumping people full of chemicals rather than getting to the cause of the problem. I have already referred people to Dr. Shepherd for chiropractic treatment and some who are fed up with the non-answers of traditional medicine are finding relief and healing. Every day I see people who could benefit from Dr. Shepherd’s expertise, but it takes time for some people to understand that natural health is possible. My career plans are changing too, as I want to spend the rest of my working years making a positive difference and contributing to a healthier population. Thank you, Dr. Shepherd!

– Denise Ramos

” I feel so much better. I have my life back!”

I have been a patient of Dr. Shepherd since October of 2007. I had years of chronic back pain. Not knowing much about chiropractic care I first saw an orthopedic back specialist. I have degenerative disc issues. I was prescribed pain pills, taking 6-8 Ibuprofen a day, and muscle relaxers, given steroid injections, and I even wore a tens unit for a while. I got very little relief. I’d have ‘episodes’ which caused me to literally crawl on the floor to move. This could have resulted from something as small as turning suddenly or picking up something off the floor. When I was awake, I was in pain. Shaun, a friend of mine, told me about a doctor who was a chiropractor who had helped her tremendously. In October of 2007, I decided to see him. I remember walking into his office, not moving too fast and a little slumped over. He did his tests and we had a consult. He told me that he knew he could help me. And he has! I feel so much better. I have my life back. I’m back doing things that I pretty much stopped, like just going for a walk. I know I still have the degenerative disc issue, but what I don’t have all the time now is the PAIN. I’m at a point now where I see Dr. Shepherd to maintain the pain-free stat. I love feeling good!

– Joanne M. Turner

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