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Chiropractic Services

Back pain can cause a variety of limitations and pain if not treated. Many causes of back pain can be treated with chiropractic services such as an adjustment and vibration plate therapy. We use both traditional and modren methods to treat a wide variety of back pain.

Cold Laser Therapy

A new weapon to effectively treat pain without harmful side effects.

Medical Weight Loss

The Medical Weight Loss program is real & it works! The abnormal fat reserves of the body get burned as fuel and the program is easy to stick to.


The chiropractic adjustment restores their nerve system function allowing their body the ability to express a greater state of health and well-being. It’s that simple.

Collagenizer Non Surgical Facelift

Collagen is the component in your body that basically helps hold you together.

Ionised Alkalised Water

With a water ionizer, you get the perfect water for health- alkaline water that is pH balanced, hydrating, and purified of chlorine and its byproducts.

Hormone Therapy (BHRT)

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) uses exact replicas of the hormones made naturally in our body, hence the name bioidentical. 

Ion Cleanse Detox

Alkaline water is shown to hydrate better than plain water. With a water ionizer, water is pH balanced, hydrating and purified of chlorine & byproducts.


At Parker Wellness Centers, we offer many therapy services that are utilized with the intention of getting you back to feeling your absolute best. From Hydration and Nutrition therapy, to non-surgical fat loss and more, we can do it all. We can get you back to feeling like yourself and with a whole new level of confidence.

What is IV Hydration & Nutrition Therapy?

By replenishing depleted nutrient reserves and bypassing the gastrointestinal tract, IV Hydration and Nutrition Therapy offers an effective alternative to vitamins.

Cold Laser Therapy

A new weapon to effectively treat pain without harmful side effects.

Non-surgical Fat Reduction

Losing “stubborn fat” is hard and as you get older — it just gets harder and harder. What if you could spend 32 minutes relaxing and lose 2 inches around your waist?

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We go the extra mile to make sure you receive the highest quality of chiropractic treatment. Our goal at Parker Wellness Centers is to provide all of our clients with the complete support services they need to live their lives fully.

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