You can naturally eliminate toxins from the body by participating in a detox bath. For the bath, various cleansing agents, such as ginger, essential oils, and Epsom salt (magnesium sulfate), are combined with hot water and dissolved in the tub. One session of soaking can last from 12 minutes to an hour.

Treating a cold is just one of the potential applications of a detox bath. There is some evidence that detox baths can alleviate some cold symptoms by relieving muscle aches while calming the body. However, the efficacy of these baths varies from person to person.

IonCleanse: Generating Ions
By gaining or losing an electron, an atom becomes a charged ion with a magnetic field that can attract and neutralize particles with opposite charges. The neutralized particles are eradicated through osmosis.

Particles pass through a membrane from a low- to high-concentration region, a process called osmosis in the scientific community. By submerging the array in the water while the unit is on, you create an ion with a higher concentration.

The array is submerged in the water next to the hands, feet, or body. A low-voltage direct current is fed into it from the power source. Metals in the array react with the water and salt to produce either positively or negatively charged ions due to the water’s separation of hydrogen and oxygen.
The practitioner identifies the polarity setting via muscle testing or litmus paper (pH strips). It is hypothesized that the IonCleanse’s produced ions circulate throughout the body, binding to various harmful substances and rendering them charge neutral. Pain and other symptoms brought on by a lifetime of toxic buildup might be manageable with some effort.

Long-term success with the IonCleanse detoxification process depends on the individual’s willingness to make additional, positive changes in their lifestyle.