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The human body evolved to consume a diet high in fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables contain a number of plant compounds that your body needs in order to operate correctly. If you don’t consume enough of these plant compounds, your energy level will suffer along with your overall health.

Everyone knows that they should eat more fruit and vegetables in their diet, but most people don’t do it. Why? Because of the easy availability of fast foods and snack foods, we have lost our taste for fruits and vegetables. It is not uncommon for many people to go for weeks without consuming a single serving of fresh vegetables. This is not good.

If you find it difficult to work in several servings of fruits and vegetables into your routine every day, you may find it helpful to supplement your diet with what is called a greens supplement, which is a highly concentrated powder of fruits, vegetables and antioxidants.

Be sure to ask whether a greens product is right for you.

Try some recipes that are great tasting and good for your body!

Anti-Cancer Soup

20 minutes to prepare. Serves 2.

2 cups hot Water

2 Green Onion, cut

2 Tbs.Caraway Seed

2 Carrots

2 slices each, Purple and Green Cabbage

2 Broccoli Stalks

1 Red Pepper, sliced

3 Tbs. fresh Dill Weed

Soak caraway seeds in pure water 24 hours prior to use, then pour off liquid. Put finely cut broccoli flowers and thinly sliced, peeled stems in sauce pan with cover. Grate cabbage and carrots over broccoli, and add caraway. Blend onions in 2 cups hot water, and pour broth over veggies. Cover, let steam 5 minutes, garnishing with dill and sliced red pepper.

Healing Soup

This soup is especially soothing when tired, stressed, or sick with a cold or flu, and is very anti-fungal.

2-3 whole Garlic cloves

1 large Onion

3 Tbs. yeast-free instant Vegetable Broth

2-3 quarts Water or Veggie Broth (Pacific Brand)

1 Cucumber (optional: Carrots, Cabbage, Celery, and any other veggies desired)

2 Tbs. fresh Cilantro

2 tsp. fresh grated Ginger

Real Salt to taste

Chop and crush garlic cloves into small diced pieces and lightly steam-fry. Set aside. Put whole onion in water in a deep pan, simmer until onion is transparent (approx. 1 hour). Add garlic and yeast-free instant vegetable broth. Slice cucumber (and optional veggies) and add to soup. Simmer 10-15 minutes. Add fresh ginger, cilantro, and Real Salt to taste.

Variation: You could also bring the water to a boil, then take it off the burner and drop assorted finely chopped veggies into the water. This would just warm, but not cook the vegetables.

Pretty Ribbon Quiche

This recipe is beautiful with rich colors of raw veggies. It is set up by using psyllium seed powder. Use the Almond crust recipe from the Popeye Mousse Pie and build the three layers of the Ribbon Quiche in it.


2 1/2 cups Coarsely Chopped Spinach

2 1/2 cups Coarsely Chopped Green Cabbage

1/2 cup Fresh Lemon Juice

1/2 tsp. Real Salt

1/2 cup Tofu (Firm)

1 Tbs. Red Onion, finely chopped

1 Tbs. Deliciously Dill (Spice Hunter)

1/2 cup Raw Pinenuts

1 1/2 tsp. Psyllium Seed Powder


1/3 cup Tofu (firm)

4-5 Carrots, chopped

1 RecipesOrange Bell Pepper

1/2-1 tsp. Psyllium Seed Powder


1/3 cup Tofu (firm)

2-3 medium Beets, peeled and chopped

1 Red Bell Pepper

1 small Tomato

1/2-1 tsp. Psyllium Seed Powder

Put all ingredients in food processor except psyllium seed powder. Process until well blended and somewhat smooth. With the machine still running add the psyllium seed powder slowly. Mix well and pour this into the almond crust. Place in the fridge to set up while you make layer 2.

Process carrots and orange bell pepper until smooth. With machine still running add psyllium seed powder and continue to process until well blended. Spread evenly over layer one and place back in fridge while you make layer 3.

Follow same directions as layer one and two and spread onto layer two. Place in fridge to finish chilling 4- 6 hours or overnight. Cut and serve with favorite garnish or dressing on top if desired. Ginger Almond dressing is nice.

Avocado/Tomato Snack

2 Avocados

1 small Eggplant, diced

3/4 Tbs. Curry Powder

2 Tbs. Lemon Juice

2 Green Chili Peppers, seeded

Real Salt and seasoning to taste

2 or 3 Tomatoes, thickly sliced

Blend all except tomatoes in blender until smooth. Spoon onto warmed tomato slices.

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