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Alkalised Water Helps Hydrate and De-toxify

Alkaline mineral water could be an important part of a body detoxification regimen by providing hydration. Studies show that alkaline water hydrates better than plain water and hydration is exactly what the body needs if it is to flush toxins. Alkaline water can also help with improving the pH balance in the gut. The pH balance in your gut is all important if you are to detoxify your body, because bacteria in your gut will make toxins if the pH in your gut is too low. When this happens, the body is poisoning itself.

Hydration and pH balance are essential for your body’s detoxification mechanisms to work There is a war going on inside your gut. Good bacteria – called probiotics – are fighting for survival against bad bacteria. When the good bacteria prevail, your body is able to digest and absorb it’s food and safely rid itself of waste. When the bad bacteria win, the body can’t absorb digested food very well. The result, that food rots in your gut! Rotting food produces toxins, so a body that is unable to absorb nutrients is in essence poisoning itself!

The pH balance in your gut determines whether the good bacteria or the bad bacteria “win”. This is because pH balance affects the amount of available oxygen in your gut. Beneficial probiotic bacteria thrive in the absence of oxygen. They are known as anaerobic bacteria. Harmful bacteria thrive in an oxygen-rich environment, they are called aerobic bacteria.

The term pH refers to potential hydrogen. An alkaline pH means that there is more hydrogen available than oxygen. An acidic pH means that there is more oxygen available than hydrogen.

Your intestines absorb food best at a pH of about 8.3 (alkaline). This is why you want to favor an alkaline pH balance in your gut. The right pH balance helps the beneficial bacteria “win” and helps the intestines absorb nutrients. If the pH balance is too low, the bad bacteria win, and food rots in your gut. With a healthy alkaline pH balance, your intestines work as intended and your body doesn’t poison itself with rotting food.

How Alkaline Water Hydration Helps Detoxification

Alkaline water has been shown in studies to hydrate better than plain water. Your body needs adequate hydration to flush toxins. Proper hydration ensures that there is enough water for your kidneys to expel wastes. Your colon also depends on adequate hydration, in fact, your colon is the first of your internal organs to lose water when you become dehydrated! You also purge toxins when you sweat.

You also raise the pH of your urine when you drink alkaline water. This may help reduce the acidic waste load on your kidneys. The lower the pH of your urine, the harder your kidneys are working to expel wastes!

Why a water ionizer is the best source of water

Recent research reveals that drinking chlorinated water is associated with a significantly higher risk of developing colon tumors. A water ionizer protects you from chlorine.

Filtration – Ionizers uses a custom-configured pre-filter and multiple internal filters to address chlorine and it’s byproducts. The internal filter media includes Vitamin C Ceramic Block technology. This filtration technology is used by hospitals and laboratories to eliminate chlorine from water.

Ionization process – Water ionizers split the dissolved mineral compounds in water using electrically charged plates. Chlorine has a negative charge, so it is attracted to the positively charged plates in an ionizer. Meanwhile, the alkaline water for drinking is generated at the negatively charged plate.

With a water ionizer, you get the perfect water for health- alkaline water that is pH balanced, hydrating, and purified of chlorine and its byproducts. Alkaline water made by a water ionizer is simply better water. Ask us about one of many options for your own personal Alkaline water filter/ionizer or bring in a BPH free container and we will fill it with Alkaline water for you from our system.

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